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Some antiques more manly than others
At antiques appraisal events, I tell people what they've got and what it is really worth. Guys are keen collectors and they know, dare I say better than some women, when someone is feeding them a line. I reveal the real deal and that is largely ...
Antiques linked to Queen Victoria up for sale at auction
A REMARKABLE collection of antiques and works of art with a close link to Queen Victoria and Balmoral will be sold by a South Derbyshire auctioneers next week. Highlights of the collection being sold by Etwall-based Hanson’s, include three handkerchiefs ...
Third Annual Ellis Boston Antiques Show Slated For October 24-27, 2013 at The Cyclorama
Among the many notable exhibitors for 2013 are: Arader Galleries (NY), Bell-Time Clocks (MA), Boston Rare Maps (MA), Sue Brown (UK), Framont (CT), The Federalist Antiques (IL), Funston Antiques (MA), Gallery Afrodit (Istanbul, Turkey), Gurari Collections ...
Mary Beth Breckenridge: Stagecoach Antiques celebrates 70 years
Apparently Leo Walter and Eileen Moats aren’t claustrophobic. The shop where the father-daughter team holds court, Stagecoach Antiques, is a cheerfully congested warren piled with the vestiges of Akron’s past. Stacks of teacups and saucers balance on ...
Uptown Theatre Antiques For Sale by Former Music Box Operator
UPTOWN — The Uptown Theatre has yet to undergo rehab and open its doors again, but you might be able to own a former part of the defunct but historic theater palace — for about $15,000 — thanks to eBay, of course. The eBay page selling the ...
Ten local attractions join to form
Visitors to Central Kentucky have a new destination for art and antiques as ten Paris, Kentucky retail shops and galleries have joined together to form a new antiques and gallery district. “For ten years, the antique shops of Downtown Paris have promoted ...
Lawyer's paternal passion for preserving Cham antiques
Following in the collector footsteps of his father and grandfather, Ho Anh Tuan has collected over 2,000 Cham antiques, some dating back to the first century. Tuan discusses his hobbies with Luong Thu Huong. Inner Sanctum: Your father and grandfather ...
'Antiques Roadshow': Woman Excited About '15 Minutes Of Fame' After Big Score In 1998 (VIDEO)
'Antiques Roadshow': Update Of '98 Episode Featuring Woman's '15 Minutes Of Fame' It's always fun to watch people's mouths drop open when they discover something they own that they thought was worthless turns out to be worth more than they could ...
Antiques ruined as rain water floods private museum
NEW DELHI ... damage to national heritage. More than 100 antique miniature paintings and sculptures remained submerged for hours in up to eight feet of water as the basement site of a privately-owned museum in south Delhi got flooded.
Are you looking to sell some of your old Antiques? Call William Crawford, Antique Buyer of Wisconsin’s Classic Antiques
William Crawford has bought and sold antiques, art, and a wide variety of oddities from all over the world for over 40 years. If you have any items of interest and would like to find out if it is valuable, please give me a call to tell me about your item.
Antiques from Africa # 3
Jeremy is well known on the antique fair circuit participating in the monthly fairs at Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg. In 2008 he participated in The Collector, an Antiques Roadshow type program, at this fair for the Home Channel on DSTV.
Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori: Dr. Lori settles disputes over Antiques (Photos)
All over the country, for decades, I help families settle disputes over valuable art, antiques, and collectibles in their homes. I deal with know-it-all brothers in law, nervous aunts, fighting sisters, nosey neighbors, business partners, and ...
3 charged; furniture, antiques, jewelry recovered
After a 93-year-old woman spotted an intruder in her home, an investigation led to the arrests of three people and the recovery of thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods, according to the Anderson County Sheriff's Office. Deputies said they were called ...
Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori: Dr. Lori’s Estate Clean Out Guide
Here are 10 easy steps to consider when cleaning out a house. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I will share more of my expertise on this topic in future columns. 1. Don’t assume your brother in law who is has the biggest mouth in town and can ...
The Seasoned Collector: New antiques and wine show in Tracy
The winner must be at least 18 years old and be able to travel during the Aug. 16-18 time frame. To enter, go to www.pbs.org/roadshowsweeps. Contact Steven Yvaska at steve.yvaska@sbcglobal.net or 750 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95190.
Manitowoc appraiser has bought antiques for 25 years
MANITOWOC — When she was 25, Kathleen Link would walk door-to-door looking for “old stuff” to buy from people who didn’t want it. In fact, she could be considered the original “American Picker,” Link said. Although there is no ...
Antiques & Collectibles: Hang out with cute clothespin bags
When I think spring, I don't always think gardening. I think of my springtime laundry and hanging out my colorful quilts and bedding on the clothesline to catch a breeze and the smell of spring flowers popping up. Clothespin aprons and bags fall into the ...
Antiques Auction Likely to Draw Hundreds from All Over the World
LOWDEN, Wash. - A collection that took 60 years to put together will all be sold in a single day. It's a once in a lifetime collection that Ted Small left behind when he died a few years ago. His son, Dan Small, said Ted was a self taught mechanic. After ...
Gritty Semiotics: A History of Design in Philadelphia Contemporary & historic works reflecting the city's role in the development of the graphic design field. AIGA Philadelphia, 72 N. 2nd St. 6/21. Headhouse Square Craft & Fine Arts Fair Jewelry ...
Antiques | Flag dolls celebrate history
Flag Day is celebrated every June 14 to commemorate the day ... Q: In 1945 I received six place settings of English “fish eaters.” They were a wedding gift from my aunt, who had owned the set since she got married. So the set is close ...
Antiques Roadshow: Vintage Los Angeles
Specialists from the country's leading ... appraisals from previous ROADSHOW segments. "Vintage Los Angeles" - Fifteen years after visiting Los Angeles, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW takes a look back to see what some of the most memorable appraisals ...
Tourism campaign to highlight antiques stores
The Connecticut Office of Tourism will soon be adding a new element to its “Still Revolutionary” marketing campaign: a chance for tourists to step into a time machine and experience history. How? Through its antiques stores. During the ...
Antiques Roadshow-style fundraiser for new college hall
An antiques appraisal held to raise money for a new hall at Wellington College succeeded in raising a few eyebrows, as a number of unusual and valuable items were brought along to be valued. The recent event consisted of tea, a book fair and the Antiques ...
Bruce sinks teeth into antiques role
It was a typical Antiques Roadshow day. The crowds had gathered, host Fiona Bruce was facing the camera to start recording and the sound operator called for hush, when a voice at the back piped up, "That Fiona Bruce - she's old, but she's got good teeth".
Antiques show displays rare treasures in Sudbury
Collectors and art and history lovers from all over the country flocked to the fourth annual Wayside Inn’s Antiques Show on Saturday in search of rare relics. At an estimated 200 years old, a $47,500 handsome grandfather clock by Aaron Willard was just ...
Disputed antiques returned to owner
More than two years after Deric Blackler's Christchurch antiques shop was devastated in the February 2011 quake, he has received some of his knick-knacks back. Yesterday, the Portobello Antiques owner collected about 230 items - retrieved from his former ...
GLM’s U.S. Antique Shows Acquires the Pier Antiques Show & the Antiques at the Armory Show from Stella Show Management Company
Acquisition positions U.S. Antique Shows as largest producer of indoor antique shows focused on antique, vintage and estate jewelry and watches “Following the recent addition of the Miami National Antiques Show to our annual events, the ...
Father son duo charged in antiques theft
A father and son pair from Cape Cod are being charged with stealing a van full of antiques from the Holliston High School antique show in February, police said today. In a release, Chief John Moore said the two men will be summoned to appear in ...
Antiques Roadshow: Seattle, Washington - Hour Two
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, PBS’s most-watched prime time series ... Seattle’s discoveries run the gamut with a circa 1964 “Star Trek” script and pitch letter; a Civil War dog collar; and Harriet Frishmuth bookends valued at $10,000. Miss last week's ...
Antiques, heirlooms appraised at event
When it comes to appraising antiques and collectors’ items, the stories and memories are as varied as the products themselves. Whether it was a dragon-head mask used in Chinese New Year celebrations or hand-painted Kama Sutra scenes on thin slices of ...
Antiques Roadshow: Antiques Roadshow: Seattle, Washington - Hour Two
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, PBS’s most-watched prime time series, returns for Season 17 with its signature cross-country treasure hunt and another million-dollar discovery. With 21 brand new episodes and six newly-restored episodes of “Vintage Roadshow ...
Antiques Road Trip: A Tribute
It's an addictive television opiate with weird presenters, strange shops and vintage sports cars, it's haggling, competition and travel, it's Antique Roadtrip and we're hooked. My name’s James and I’m an Antiques Roadtrip addict. Not Antiques Roadshow ...
Antiques Road Trip - Series 2 Reversions - Episode 5
Copy the URL and paste into your emails or Tweets, or post on your favourite sites. Experts Mark Stacey and Charlie Ross scour the countryside for antiques, starting in Newcastle Emlyn and heading for auctions in Camarthen, Wales and Chippenham, Wiltshire.
Kovels.com's Top 20 Antiques and Collectibles Searches for April 2013
including the best-selling “Kovels’ Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide,” now in its 45th edition. The Kovels’ website, online since 1998, and free weekly email, “Kovels Komments,” give readers a bird's-eye view of the market through up-to ...
'Antiques Roadshow' appraises items at Old Tappan library
OLD TAPPAN - What's in your attic and what's it worth? Curious collectors and owners of time-honored treasures found out Saturday at the Old Tappan Library when appraisers and auctioneers John and Kathleen Nye of Nye & Company shared their expertise and ...
Antiques set to go under the hammer
The end of May is a special time for the 50-plus antiques dealers based at Woburn Abbey Antiques Centre. They have joined forces to form an association entitled the Antique & Fine Art Dealers Association (AFADA), at Woburn Abbey, which will hold various ...
Antiques and weathervanes at Brandywine River Museum
The annual show, which runs from May 25-27 on the museum’s grounds along the ... NY), Dubey’s Art & Antiques, Inc. (Baltimore, MD), Heller-Washam Antiques (Portland, ME), James M. Kilvington, Inc. (Greenville, DE), Park Place Gallery ...
‘Cincinnati Antiques Roadshow: Behind the Scenes’ airs June 3
If you went to the “Antiques Roadshow” taping last July, but weren’t seen on the PBS shows aired in April, you could be on CET’s June 3 special called “Cincinnati Antiques Roadshow: Behind the Scenes.” Producer-writer Richard ...
Winnetka Summer Antiques Show Opens June 7, 2013
This June, collectors, treasure hunters, antique and design enthusiasts will welcome summer with a weekend to peruse and purchase authentic, antiques at the Winnetka Summer Antiques Show. Sponsored by the North Shore Antiques Dealers Association ...
Antiques & Garden Fair
Celebrate the much anticipated arrival of spring at the Antiques & Garden Fair, Friday, April 19 through Sunday, April 21, with a special preview evening on Thursday, April 18. More than 100 dealers from Europe and the United States scour the globe for ...
Antiques Week to show how to mix periods
When Nina Neel and her husband, Carlton, built their house in Villanova five years ago, they used a mix of styles on the interiors, even though the architecture was traditional. Without a thought, Nina would feel comfortable placing an antique ...
Antiques back at BU Events Center (w/pictures)
Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) It's been 31 years of antiques, art, sculptures and more here in Greater Binghmaton, and all because of the Binghamton Sertoma Club. The Million Dollar Antique Show kicked off another weekend at the Binghamton ...
Antiques, collectibles, glassware, crocks, misc.
furniture: cast iron victorian garden set; hitchcock desk; ball & claw organ stool; coffee table; end tables; marble table w/ attached lamp; rustic stools; oak rocker; arm chair; side table; candle stand; folding poker table w/ 8 chairs & more ...
BBC Antiques Roadshow helped identify battle hammer about to be sold in Scunthorpe
A Scunthorpe auction is to feature a battle hammer from Fiji in the South Seas that the BBC Antiques Roadshow helped identify as valuable. When the home of businessman John Stanton was burgled a few years ago his Dad advised precautions should be taken.
9 lives, more antiques for the Spotted Cat
Last April, on a Friday the 13th, Lisa and Ron Ortego opened the doors to the Spotted Cat Antique Mall on Creswell Lane in Opelousas. Thirteen antique vendors joined them. Lisa was coincidentally born on a Friday the 13th. It was a fitting ...
Antiques: Remembering the Second World War
Antiques: John D. Sewell evaluates Second World War safety posters, a Winston Churchill figurine and a kitchen sideboard. Q: I found these nine Second World War Canadian Air Force safety posters among my father’s papers. The Department of National ...
You Should Know About… Acorn Antiques
If the above quote means nothing to you, prepare to be introduced to one of the world of comedy’s finest creations: Acorn Antiques. Originally appearing as part of Victoria Wood’s sketch show, Victoria Wood As Seen On TV, that aired in the 1980s, Acorn ...
Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori: Sharing Smart Ideas
Over the years, I have learned about some smart ideas for your antiques. From came from my background as a university professor, some came from fellow museum professionals and conservation specialists, and some from certified clean freaks ...
Kovels’ Top 20 Antiques and Collectibles Searches for March 2013
The Top 20 antiques and collectibles searches on Kovels.com during March 2013 show collector interest in vintage designer purses and pottery. Designer purses have become very popular with collectors. We have noticed designer purses made since the 1950s are ...
Antiques Roadshow of the Solar System
On Earth, evidence of past human civilization and habitation can be gleaned from the rocks, soil and some still-standing monuments of architecture large and small, but the effects over time of weathering and over longer periods of the geologic ...
The Growing Global Appeal of Russian Antiques
Faberge expert Geza Von Habsburg predicted that the Russian antique market had reached its summit in 2009. Yet in 2012, more record-breaking sales took place, and a $20.2 million turnover was made during the Russian Art Week in London that year. These ...
Antiques Roadshow: Rapid City, South Dakota - Hour One
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, PBS’s most-watched prime time series, returns for Season 17 with its signature cross-country treasure hunt and another million-dollar discovery. With 21 brand new episodes and six newly-restored episodes of “Vintage Roadshow ...
Antiques & Collectibles: Railroad spoon is a souvenir of hassel-free travel
Antiques & Collectibles: Railroad spoon is a souvenir of hassel-free travel By ALYCE HAND BENHAM, For The Press pressofAtlanticCity.com Question: The 7 1/2 -inch iced-tea spoon shown in my photo was given to me by a friend who believes it was ...
Antiques and collectibles fair today at the Cow Palace…lots of dealers!
Turnkey Show Productions is now hosting the Bay Area Vintage Antiques & Collectibles Fair at the Cow Palace.It will be held Sunday, April 21, 2013. Click on the link above for full details. Since it’s indoors, rain or shine, the show will go on.
Antiques: Remembering life by the sea
Q: I have a painting I’m thinking of selling and thought you might shed some light on it. It is signed: 1890 by T. B. Hardy, and was a gift from an uncle in the 1960s. The frame was in poor condition so we had it reframed but kept the original frame.
Even in the antiques capital, shops change with the times
As area residents have long known, Woodbury, Conn. is the unofficial but widely recognized Antiques Capital of Connecticut. There is justification to that claim, as the small Litchfield County town boasts more than 30 antiques shops that attract ...
AT HOME: Appraiser weighs in on antiques' value — in some cases too late
I collapse in bed on the verge of a coma after day one of my two-day estate sale. All that day and the next, when faced with selling my parents' antiques and finer furniture, I was caught in the crosshairs, stuck at the intersection of clearing the house ...
Buyers Get Help in Authenticating Antiques and Vintage Collectibles
To help educate buyers and sellers on how to spot fakes and reproductions, online antiques and vintage collectibles giant Ruby Lane launched RealorRepro.com on Monday, March 18, 2013. Now, the premier online information source, for those who want to ...
Antiques valued at £60,000 stolen from van parked at Glastonbury Travelodge
Police are looking for witnesses after £60,000 of antiques were stolen from a van parked at the Glastonbury Travelodge. The victim, who had been exhibiting at an antiques fair held at the Bath and West Showground near Shepton Mallet, lost Rolex watches ...
'Antiques Roadshow' announces air dates of Cincinnati episodes
CINCINNATI - Thousands of people waited in line last summer to have the experts of the "Antiques Roadshow" examine their beloved family heirlooms and yard-sale treasures. Guests, who had to enter a lottery system to acquire tickets, brought ...
Spring Antiques Show Returns To Its Hartford Home
HARTFORD — — For Frances Phipps, a Tiffany lamp was not an antique. That was reserved for "furnishings made or imported for use in this country between 1640 and 1840," according to Phipps' exhaustive work on the subject, "The Collector's ...
Antiques at the Gardens kicks off with lecture featuring architect, author Bobby McAlpine
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama-- The event may be months away, but its popularity requires an early announcement. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens have released an itinerary for this year’s Red Diamond Lecture Series during October’s Antiques at The ...
Antiques centre's expansion plans tap into land of eastern promise
A Lincolnshire antiques business, already recognised as the largest in Europe, has launched an expansion programme to coincide with the launch of its Far East operation. Hemswell Antique Centres, which is based on the former RAF base off the A15 10 miles ...
Antiques collector who sold prized Chinese bowl may have lost out on £150,000 after forgetting he had another that would have made lucrative pair
An antiques collector who sold a Chinese bowl may have lost out on £150,000 after forgetting he had another that would have made a lucrative pair. Tony Evans and his family were thrilled when his antique 'rice' bowl from the 18th century fetched a ...
Nelson Garrett's Spring Antiques Show is March 23 & 24, 2013 in Charleston, SC (Photos)
The Nelson Garrett’s Spring Antiques Show is March 23 & 24, 2013. It is the forty-fifth annual show for them - quite a record! This show is part of Antiques Week in Charleston, SC. It is one of the best shows ever held in Charleston, SC.
Christchurch antiques shop bans tourists to 'boost profits'
An antiques shop owner in Dorset is refusing access to tourists who he says do not buy anything and put off genuine customers. Mark Galpin, whose shop is opposite a coach stop in Christchurch, says visitors "just pile in" to kill time.
How to hunt for your own $2.2 million Ding bowl
Nicholas Dawes Both pieces sat unidentified, and unappreciated, for generations, rekindling the flame of hope that burns dimly inside all antiques enthusiasts, whether or not they care to admit it. Flea-marketeers and yard-salers openly ...
Indian Boy Antiques Unveils New Customized Online Store
Indian Boy Antiques, an online antiques gallery specializing in a collection of Fine-Period Americana antiques, unveiled its new website on February 5, 2013. The website was designed in terms of visual appeal and functionality to provide visitors with a ...
'Sorry, no tourists': Antiques store owner bans all customers who live outside a 30-mile radius 'because they never buy anything'
A antiques shop owner has banned tourists from his store after claiming they never buy anything and put off genuine local customers. Mark Galpin claims his profits have risen by 30 per cent since he put up a sign outside the shop door which reads 'No Tourists.
Kovels.com Releases Top 20 Antiques and Collectibles Searches for January 2013
The online price guide at Kovels.com is searched for many reasons. Bottles top the list for January. Some serious bottle enthusiasts who bid at auctions and go to many shows want to learn the latest prices. Each year there are at least 16 online auctions ...
Memory Lane aims to offer antiques at affordable prices
Ever since he was a young boy in Pittsburg, Paul Shalako has been collecting. Back then it was just a hobby. Now, it has become his career. “I was just 12 when I started in the ’60s,” he said. “It started with coins. I would use my ...
Antiques dealer, 56, found dead in home with severe head injuries as man is questioned over his killing and theft of gold and silver
A man was today being questioned over the murder of an antiques dealer whose body was found at his countryside cottage, possibly weeks after he died. Police believe businessman Peter Battle's profession may be a significant factor in his suspected murder ...
Antiques: Appraising an alabaster lamp, Edward VII bust and Canadian slat-back chairs
Q: This marble statue/lamp on a tall column base was given to me several years ago by a man who had inherited it in Montreal. I believe it may date to the 1920s or 1930s and was bought in Montreal. With the base, which is separate and square-topped, it ...
Woman shot at Washington Township antique store clerk after robbery: police
WASHINGTON TWP. — Police have released additional details about a shooting in Turnersville, confirming an unidentified woman shot at the clerk of an antiques store after an altercation. The suspect, believed to be in her late 50s early 60s, standing ...
Antiques and a Historical perspective
My father passed away in 2000 and he left behind an eclectic collection of over six hundred antiques. The job of inventorying and documenting the antiques, which were crammed into a ten by ten foot shed, fell to me. Our family affectionately called the she ...
Get Your Antiques Appraised At The Asheville Home Show
Nationally acclaimed antique auction house Brunk Auctions, as seen on Antique Roadshow, will be at the WNC Home Lawn & Garden Show Saturday, March 16th appraising antiques. Antique appraisals will be included with a home show admission ticket. Admission to ...
Houston Museum Antiques Show & Sale
Seventeen vendors from across the Southeast are bringing vintage treasures to Stratton Hall, the new event venue on Broad Street, in preparation for this weekend's 39th annual Houston Museum Antiques Show & Sale. To meet the demand for estate ...
Antiques owners of Kathmandu encouraged to revamp historic houses
KATHMANDU, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- The owners of antique houses and structures in Kathmandu, including the concerned municipalities, were on Wednesday encouraged to renovate these heritages in such a way that they can be used in modern days. In a workshop ...
Antiques and collectibles will fill fairgrounds building this weekend
Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce invites you to attend the Spring Antiques and Collectibles Show, presented by Lakeshore Public Television, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday in the Industrial Arts Building at the Lake ...
Antiques Roadshow expert coming to Compton Verney
The Grade I listed Georgian mansion is located in 120 acres of parkland between Wellesbourne and Kineton. Eric and other specialists will be providing valuations on antiques and jewellery for Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions. For further details or to book ...
Fire at Clovis antiques shop snuffs out memories
Standing alone in the cold, Harry Kennedy stared Tuesday afternoon at the charred rubble of the Country Rose Antiques & Accents in Old Town Clovis. For four years, Kennedy, 76, had rented space in the business to sell old books, old toys ...
The Antiques Roadshow: Volumes Of Great Information For Home Sellers
I was watching an episode of the Antiques Roadshow this past weekend and I saw numerous lessons on valuation that could be applied to selling a home. Just as we found in an episode of Pawn Stars (about a purple trike), we can apply principles ...
Antiques galore at Holliston High School this weekend
The gymnasium at Holliston High will look like the set of "Antiques Roadshow" this weekend as the Citizen Scholarship Foundation of Holliston hosts its annual Antique Show. Antique dealers from around the region will be at the school from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m ...
'Antiques Roadshow: Myrtle Beach' to debut on TV this week
Some things age, but never get old enough, at least for “Antiques Roadshow.” Last summer at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, a production crew from the PBS series welcomed crowds for appraisals of 10,000 wares. The consultations ...
Why Calgary's Julia Shantz believes in preserving the past
I pretty much need an escort to protect me from myself when I visit Uniquities. The architectural antiques showroom near the Alyth rail yard is a ticket to ride right back to my childhood in England, poking about in my grandfather's sheds and garden ...
Get antiques evaluated Jan. 26 at Stark County District Library
Stark County’s own version of Antiques Roadshow makes its fifth annual appearance from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 26 at the Stark County District Library, 715 Market Ave. N. The 5th Annual Antiques Appraisal Show features a qualified antique and ...
Art & antiques by Dr. Lori
One of the oldest cities in North America and the only walled city north of Mexico, Quebec is located on the St. Lawrence River. The city's name Kebec (Quebec) is an Algonquin word meaning "where the river narrows." Quebec's old city was the first UNESCO ...
Owner of Mud Puppy Antiques makes bittersweet move
Although Carol McCarthy has made a home for her antique store in Winder, she says it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. McCarthy announced this week that her store, Mud Puppy Antiques, will move next month from its downtown Winder location to ...
Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori: Reading Presidential Imagery
Presidential logos, buttons, posters have their place in the realm of collectibles and memorabilia. The images associated with the United States Presidents ranging from early photographic images of President Lincoln on campaign buttons—which were actuall ...
Former antiques centre in Barkham could be converted to house
A former village antiques centre could be converted into a four-bedroom house. Barkham Barns in Barkham Street has been unsuccessfully marketed for well over a year as office space, triggering a planning application to build a home on the site. Barkham ...
Earl knew the value of antiques
With the news that “Antiques Roadshow” is coming to Baton Rouge this summer, fans of the show have begun mulling what they might haul down to the River Center for appraisal. The show will tape three episodes July 27. See the story in The Advocate that ...
'Antiques Roadshow' Premiere: Man Shocked By Value Of Violin He Found In The Trash (VIDEO)
On the season premiere of "Antiques Roadshow," a man brought in a violin he'd found in the trash. Wanting to get his wife's violin fixed, he considered himself pretty fortunate that he found a violin in the garbage. It's got to be a pretty rare find.
Popular antique show set to raise money for arts center
Antiques in the Heart of Aiken, a well-attended antiques experience, returns to downtown the first week in February with a preview party on Jan. 31. From Feb. 1 to 3, the antiques show and sale will feature 22 dealers from Virginia to Texas with a variety ...
The 2013 Winter Antiques Show Reigns January 25-February 3 in New York City
NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The 59th annual Winter Antiques Show opens to the public on Friday, January 25, with eight new exhibitors, thousands of works available, and a special loan exhibition, Newport: The Glamour of Ornament ...